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After a long hiatus, we’re back.

I’ve been working tirelessly on my first full length LP album titled, “Both Sides of the Sand,” #BSOS with Green Luck Media Group out of Portland, Ore. So far, I’ve release “Clarification,” and plan to soon release more work off the album.

#BSOS is inspired by my experiences growing up in Kuwait, and how my life’s changed since migrating to the west, and planting roots in Oregon. I try to give a glimpse of the good with the bad, the privileges of looking white and discrimination I face for my name.

New songs are coming soon!

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Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) – Adrian Bautista

Salam Nomads!

One of the biggest reasons to why I (@ThaRealBigMo) called my company TheNMDC is because I’ve grown up all over the place.  A little about myself: I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, and grew up between Oregon and Kuwait.  I can relate to these kids.  I do find it difficult sometimes defining where home is.  It’s a gift.  I see the world with a much more open minded view than most of my friends.  I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to travel, learn, and grow throughout my childhood.  I’ve attended the public school system in Kuwait, and the US.  I’ve visited countries in Europe, and South East Asia; and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.  I’m fluent in two languages, and consider to very distant places to be home.
I hope you give this short documentary a look.  It’s definitely worth the 10 minutes of your time, especially if you are yourself a TCK.  It definitely gave me a different perspective on being a TCK.

#PressPlay and tell me what you think.

<p><a href=”″>So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity</a> from <a href=””>Adrian Bautista</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Luck-One & Dekk Ft Dizz – Black Seed

Salam NW!!

Today, I come bearing gifts.  Luck-One Just dropped his latest video with Dekk and @BiggDizz, titled “Black Seed“.  All three artists hail from the NW and are no where near peaking, yet!

If you live in The NW, and don’t know Luck-One… SLAP YOURSELF.  Considering the first time we heard of Luck-One, it was from our homie Dhamiri in Toronto, Canada.  Luck defines “HipHop with Substance” with every track he drops.  Through his witty rhymes and “slap yourself” attitude, he brings you the TRUTH in his latest project “Beautiful Music Pt. 2”.

Download “Beautiful Music Pt 2” @

Keep up with Luck @

#PressPlay and tell me what you think!

Luck-One & BigMo

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Tope – Celebration

First comes first, the first time we heard of this cat (@ItsTope), he was opening for Chip Tha Ripper with the homie Captain (@1stname_Captain) #1UP.  Ever since, we’ve been fans!

Tope‘s (Signed to Amigo/Amiga Recordings) got ill lyrical content, he’s got a dope laid back flow, continues to impress, and above all… he’s from the NW. He has worked with distinguished hip hop heavyweights such as Wajeed, Abstract Rude, TiRon, Scarub, Myka 9, Phil Da Agony, and Planet Asia; and opening for artists including Talib Kweli, Mac Miller, Blu, Nappy Roots, Joel Ortiz, The Coup, Mistah FAB; to name very few, and while others in the region, merely hop from trend to trend; Tope refuses to change with expectations while constantly reinventing himself through his art.

Don’t pass up good local talent.  #SupPortland

#PressPlay & Tell me what you think!!

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J Burns & Dupre interviewed by WeOutHereMagazine (WOHM)


Let me introduce you to, J Burns (@JBurns503) not only is he family to @TheNMDC & @ThaRealBigMo, but he is also BigMo‘s Label Mate at GreenLuckMediaGroup (@G_L_M_G).

Not to forget, Dupre’ Bushnell, he is also a HUGE addition to the GLMG family, being the head producer at the company, and all! haha.

Check out J Burns’ new Album “60 Hourse Of Freedom” @

Seriously, lots of love to the both of them.  You can also spot our dude Jermaine Malone (@Juggernaut503) in the interview.  You’ll see him on both, BigMo‘s mixtape, and album #TheNomadic.

Shout out to WOHM (@weoutherenet).
Shout out to Green Luck Media Group.


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Mac Miller – The Grow Op (Produced by Big Jerm)

Check out the latest Mac Miller

Listen and #DL @

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The Narcycist w/ BigMo

Check Out BigMo ( getting the shout out from the legendary Narcycist!!

@ThaRealBigMo: As an artist, I’ve looked up to Narcy for a long time.  It was an honor to rock the same stage with him.  I look forward to meeting up with him again in the Future.

Shout out to GreenLuckMediaGroup :

Shout out to The Narcycist :


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