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J Burns & Dupre interviewed by WeOutHereMagazine (WOHM)


Let me introduce you to, J Burns (@JBurns503) not only is he family to @TheNMDC & @ThaRealBigMo, but he is also BigMo‘s Label Mate at GreenLuckMediaGroup (@G_L_M_G).

Not to forget, Dupre’ Bushnell, he is also a HUGE addition to the GLMG family, being the head producer at the company, and all! haha.

Check out J Burns’ new Album “60 Hourse Of Freedom” @

Seriously, lots of love to the both of them.  You can also spot our dude Jermaine Malone (@Juggernaut503) in the interview.  You’ll see him on both, BigMo‘s mixtape, and album #TheNomadic.

Shout out to WOHM (@weoutherenet).
Shout out to Green Luck Media Group.



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